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Looking for a snail mail pen pal. :)

Age: 23
Birthday: 21.11. / Scorpio
Gender: Female
Location: Slovenia
Occupation: Student/Unemployed
Relationship status: Long Term Relationship

Languages spoken: Slovenian, English
Languages somewhat understood: A bit of German, Croatian/Serbian, the rest of Balkan languages.
Languages interested in and willing to learn: Spanish, Japanese, etc.

Interests: Animation of any kind, cartoons and anime, movies and music, history and radical critical analysis of current world system, writing books/fanfiction and reading them, spirituality/magic/taboo/mystery/paranormal, travelling the world and experiencing 'different culinary thingies', researching magical creatures and foreign mites, love to analyse human mind, love to give out little presents and make people happy and content.

Favorite movies: From Bram Stoker's Dracula - The Last Samurai - The Last of the Mohicans - Avatar - Harry Potter - LOTR - Hobbit - Hunger Games - Pompeii - Gladiator - Troy - Schindler's List - Gangs of New York - Titanic - Catch me if you can - Splice - Spirited away (All Studio Ghibli movies) - The girl who leapt trough time - Millennium Actress - ... ... ...

Favorite reading material: Manga or webtoons like: Naruto, Tower of God, Shingeki no Kyojin or better known Attack on Titan, Noblesse... Books and fanfictions on: Harry Potter, Labyrinth, Alien vs. Predator, Child Thief (am a steadfast fan of BROM), Hobbit, LOTR, ... ... ...

PEN PALS: I would rather write snail mail letters than email letters because I want to exercise the artistic side of me - also I feel handwritten stuff feels more personal.
So... I would like 2-3 pen pals, age 18 and up to immortal. I don't care about gender but would like to point out I only want to meet friends, I hope for a long-lasting friendship actually... But I won't push if someone only wants to be an acquaintance at best.

I write medium - long letters, write them as soon as I can but life can interfere - just so you know.

Also, we don't have to have everything in common. If you like and accept me you can write me,
I don't mind a good debate and difference in opinion.

Hope you want to be my pen pal?

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