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snailmail's Journal

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Snail Mail
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The place to find snail mail penpals.

This community is to find long letter penpals, 18 or older. We'll be hosting swaps and round robins, when the mood strikes us. If you are interested in hosting a swap or a round robin, please email the moderator at adultramblings.

When joining snailmail, please introduce yourself to the rest of the community. We are here to meet long letter pals, so please intro yourself accordingly, i.e. no 2 sentences. Please do not write "for more about me, look at my journal!" or words to that effect. Please just tell us about yourself :).

**Please note: the rules have recently changed, said rules are posted above. All members who joined before the rules changed are still welcomed & encouraged to stay at snailmail. This info is only for your own record, nothing more.**

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